Accident Reconstruction Professional

Accident Reconstruction Professional

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Publisher's description

Accident Reconstruction Professional is a program that will assist you in reconstructing an accident/crash/collision with the use of mathematical formulas and calculations for virtually any collision involving motor vehicles and automobiles. It also comes with a built-in Spell Checking and Thesaurus in the areas where you need it.

What's new in version 9.0

- Modified the report for the Project Manager to display everything on one printed page for any collision involving up to 5 colliding items. Once the 6th item is added that section of the report gets put on a second page.
- Fixed a labeling error on the 2, 4, and 6 point Crush formula windows.
- Modified the warning on the Lane Change and Lane Change (Swerve) formulas to include the word "line", which was included in the original formula author's warning but excluded from my program. This omission reportedly caused some confusion.
- Fixed an error that prevented printing or previewing a report in the Truck Braking Efficiency formula.
- Added a missing Tooltip to the Spell Check setup button on the Options tab.
- Added the phrase "Please check your Windows firewall or program to ensure this program can access the internet." to the error message that comes up if the program cannot reach our web server to check for updates as this is the most common cause of the error.
- Reset the Print Preview window to normal after those components were reinstalled
- Added a button on the Programs tab to open the Release Notes (or "Change Log") file, which is this file.

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    Fred 5 months ago

    Long time user of this software. Version 9 rocks!